Escape From The Ordinary

So my password got lost and my whole blogski got fucked up, vair vair triste. But, it's all good now, HOORAH! The amazing blogging beans is back, hehe. I got a tumblr too, you kooks can follow me there as well http://xthisisnoise.tumblr.com Beans overload? I think sew~
So I think I've figured out a vague-ish life plan ish. I'm going to go to cartier next semester (winter), and do my chem and physics, which I never did in HS. Then I want to go to Abzzsszsz for the Arts & Sciences program. Cuz like, you learn some chem and physics, as well as calculus<3 and then also some psychology and politics, and then you get studio time. Sounds really awesome, and I can do a lot in university from there.
mmm, I got my septum pierced, and went blondie. I dig it. Snake bites on Thursday. What what. Hxc bitchesszszszz. lolz. Speaking of, WCAR concert tonight, but I'm working (n). How sad.
I'm a big lump of kook and impatience, I just want it.
Thanksgiving was spent with the besties, I love them all. They keep me real and crazy at the same time. Couldn't ask for better friends. Yes, I am a huge sap. It is what it is.


Where They Go Hardcore & There's Glitter On The Floor

So I had a crappy weekend last week, and this one seems to be better already. I'm moving past all that stupid shizz, and I got a new job, AKA money for parties and tats and loving. I went to Annies last night, and it was lovely and such. Dramarama fest, but fuck it, it all seems so much shittier when one is inebriated. Everything is lovely here. Now, due to privacy and such I will not go into deets, but we'll just say that I had a GREAT evening. I love meeting new people, especially when theyre so gorgeous :3
P.S. new job is at Bellevue Pizza, come say hi! Hehe. It's chill, the people are nice and it's a good job. Plus free food, AKA Im going to grow to the size of a house soon.
It is a beautiful day out, I spent some lovely time laying in the grasscat with Kill and Smokey. The sun is shining the sky is blue and there is a wonderful breeze. I love wind, it's my favourite weather!
Panto also starts tmrw, I CANNOT wait. Teen chorus FTW. And such. And four days till dance starts! <3 La La La! What a wonderful life :]
SO I must be off to go get ready for works and such, DFTBA!


Dying Is Your Latest Passion

Suicide Prevention Week.
Suicide Prevention Week.
Suicide Prevention Week.
I don't know. I always thought free will existed. If you don't want to live this life, then end it. It's your life. I'd much rather choose when I die, then let the world decide. It's the ultimate act of control to kill yourself. I think people that commit suicide might be more sane then the people who leave their life in the hands of unknown forces. Now, obviously, there are some kook people out there, but even so, why would you want to live if your head is all insane anyways? A life of pain isn't that great. Sure, you leave people who may love you behind, but you're going to die eventually. And you'll always live on in their memories. Why would people that love you want you to continue suffering? Suicide is looked on as such a bad thing, but really, it frees a lot of people from their pain. It's selfish to want people who are suffering to keep on living for oyu, so you can feel better about yourself, that you 'helped' them. I know there are lots of people that attempt suicide and then get 'saved', but face it, if you REALLY want to die, you will. Those people are just desperate for some loving. It happens. Those are the people that need help, the ones that 'try' to die. If you wanted to die, you could easily do it properly.
Now I'm not telling everybody to go kill themselves. There are so many great aspects of life to appreciate and enjoy, if you feel like shit, then think about the future, there is usually something worth living for, someone worth living for.
There is a lot of controversy surrounding human euthanasia, like if someone is sick and dying of cancer or some other terrible disease in a slow and painful way, many argue that it is acceptable to let them choose to die, since their life is full of physical pain. What if you're someone who has depression? Your life is just as full of pain, but then, it's not acceptable to die. Society has such double standards. It drives me crazy.


Fast Cars Fast Women

You know when everything seems absolutely perfect? Well it never fucking lasts. Don't expect things to stay that way. Sure, enjoy it, but not too much cuz then you'll get swept up in something that can only come crashing around you.
Guess who got broken up with last night? Yeah, me. I've never been broken up with before in my life. I don't cry over boys. I don't get fucked over. Oh wait, I guess I do.
I really don't understand it. And it really effing hurts.
You know what else hurts? My goddamn knees cuz I got so absolutely shit faced afterwards I fell down on gravel and bruised my lovely knees :( Gotta love this life. Glamour is my middle name.


I Would Understand

Late nights, and such.
Chronic Insomniac.
So Haiiiii all, My name is Brenna, you can call me Beans, but I think I lost her.
She used to like to learn and rock, she still does, but the nights jumble all my thoughts, don't they do the same to you? I've decided I want a real relationship now. I miss it. I want someone to sleep next to. Someone who really means something to me and vice versa. Enough of this stupid shit. Of being in the HMM HMM HMM mode. I want it. I miss it. I need it. Loneliness rocks my life.
Can't wait to see people tmrw. Or today I guess. Wish I could sleep till then. But my body doesn't want to sleep right now. It wants to eat nachos. And get stoned. So it goes.
I've lost the joy in watching my movies. I really wish I had one I wanted to watch right now, a movie would be perfect for my mind. But my mind doesn't want to slow down. It wants to keep going, rocking and rolling and spinning and twisting. Hence the need for marijuana. Well, not need. Just want. Or something to fuck up this running brain.
I desperately want an apartment. Cuz at least then I'd have roommates to snug with. I wouldn't feel so alone. And I could make fucking nachos without being afraid to awaken my mother and her wrath.
I would also like a job. At Subway. I really liked that job. Maybe I'll get an apartment in St Annes and they'll hire me at that Subsssss. I would also like to be a pro writer.
I feel very suave writer esque right now, sitting in a black lace bra and a high waisted black american apparel cotton skirt. My sex hair in a blob on my head. Typing vivaciously on my laptop, cross-legged whilst listening to Third Eye Blind and Rise Against.
I also want more tea. But that will wake me up more. Fuck that. I'm a martyr. Or an avid complainer. When I wanna be.
So apparently Im going on a walk. Love it.


Watch Me Burn

What a life.
What a lack of life.
What an overdose of life.
Rocking it for a week, experimenting trying to feel something real, or just feel. So many ways of doing it, but which one is wrong and which one is right? Does that really even matter? I don't want to hurt people but somehow I always end up doing just that. I give up on everything. Ditched school due to binges. And lack of interest. I mean, I love learning and I loved what I was doing, but I hate going to school. Figure that shizz out.
I met so many people and felt so many things. Saw how life could be, and I liked it. Then hated it.
Oh boy. So this superstar bud of mine Sam Fleury just informed me that he can play The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice on guitar and sing it. You don't understand. I love that song. That song is so beautiful. Plus I love live music. And I love Sam Fleury. This is an amazing moment. If you like good music p.s. you should totally check out his band, A Plastic Utopia, they're pretty awesome. I'm the biggest fan, duhh. For fuck sake. Yeesh. I'm like flipping out. Woof. Im going to see him do some solo action on Friday, and I'm pretty freaking excited. Him playing guitar is one of the sexiest things ever. I swoon. Mmmm. This is such a stalkerazzi blogpost.
Anycats I'll write later, keep it real and sexy.


Laced With Nitro Glycerin

Oh em gee. So my famjam left for the cod of capes yesterday. Ahaah thats actually a really funny image, like a cod like a fish, wearing a cape? Yee. Lolz. So yeah I have the house to myself for two weeks, which is fun cuz I can cook and play music really loud, but it gets lonely as an elk. I hate sleeping knowing Im the only one in the house. Its weird. Like if I get up in the night I usually have to be mad quietzzz cuz my mother has the ears of a hawk... If hawks even have ears. Do birds have ears? Or just like little holes in the sides of their head? Must look into this. ANYWAYSSS I am mad distractable today apparently. But yeah, so I can be loud. At 4AM.
My buddyroo Killllll came over yday. We made eggs. AKA he did, and he tried to teach me. Im not very skilled with the chicken abortions. So it goes.
Im having people over tonight as well. I think these ten days are just going to be a huge massive sleepover. Huge massive is a redundancy, I know. Suck dick.
So my man candy is away in TO aka toronto. Sadly he cannot be invited to this slumber party. But when he gets back... hehe ;)
Im so loafy right now. I might need a nap. But I dont really have time. UGH.


What's Not to Adore?

Hallo internet.
And such.
So here's the deal. My friends came over the other day. And we planned our lives together. We are going to get a loft soon, that will be beautiful. We will bake cookies once a week. We will watch VHS films. There will be a kitchen, a balcony, a music nook, and a HUGE room of snug. We will eat baked mac and cheese, with breadcrumbs on top. We will have so much bitch it will be insane. We will only drink out of champagne flutes. Most of our shopping will be done at the dollar store. We haven't decided what kind of pet we will have. Perhaps some kitties. Or a hedgehog.

I think it will be jolly and lovely.
P.s. I got a new boyfrannnnnd. Hes cute. And plays gee-tar.


Another Messy Ending

Long time no blogski.
I had my famjam reunioncat. It was fun. Got to see people I hadn't seen in a long time. There was also this girl who came who my Aunt sort of 'adopted' in Ukraine. Her name was Angela and she was pretty much AWESOME. She didn't speak English so I kind of taught her while she helped me with my Ukrainian. I can understand really well, but my speaking skills are lacking a bit. We managed though. She was quite adorable. She might be coming here for Xmas though, which would be great! We took some pictures, so when my Aunt sends them to me I'll be posting them, on Facebook at least.
I started school also. It's really fun and interesting. Made friends with a girl from the Gaspe Coast. Shes too cute, the expressions from there are amazing. Instead of saying really or real they say some. I've started doing it now too a bit hehe. Ex. You're some pretty. I love it haha.
I want harem pants. Really badly. Thought I'd share that. They look so comfortable, but you look rather fashion forward while wearing them. Im so down for a kick ass charcoal grey pair, or an indigo pair. Paired with a nice tank and lots of jewellery it would be gorgeous. I also need to invest in a gun metal cross. Im not really religious, but they look badass. I know, its probably a sin, but looking bad should be a sin too. Ohhh, I'm going straight to hell.
On a personal note, life is going a bit kook. Which is fun, but stressful a bit. I dont really want to divulge in personal details when I haven't real discussed this much in real life, but I hope it all ends up awesome and fun! :]
Anyways I am starving. Must go chow down. On cats. Jokes.
xoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DFTBA


Pretty as a Car Crash

Haiiiiiii ppl!
So the other day somehow my boytoy and I got to watching videos about area 51. Area 51 is a government/military base that is super secretive and like if you trespass they are allowed to use deadly force to get you out of there. There is suspected Alien experimentation and U.F.O.'s are spotted there quite often. There was a case of an employee there who quit/ got fired and then decided to tell the world that they experiment on alien spacecraft.
Here's my take on the whole thing. Since it is a military base, it's actually an airforce base, they obviously don't want outsiders looking at it and knowing what's going on because they could give information to other countries, which would totally defeat the purpose of developing superior weapons / aircrafts. UFO means unidentified flying object, and if they are testing planes there, there are OBVIOUSLY going to be things flying about that people have never seen before. And that guy probably got fired and needed some quick cash and knew that he could get interviews and TV bookings if he made up some huge conspiracy.
That is my take on Area 51, in a nutshell.
Im going to apply for some jobs today, but it is effing hot out. I need some nice clothing of the appropriate but not sweltering variety. Good luck Beans. I have some nice shorts from buffalo that are tailored and professional looking, Im thinking of pairing it with my oversized white blouse/ dress shirt from H&M, but if I sweat that will look nasty. Oh dilemmas.
Anyways kiddies keep it real!


Inner Moonlight

So today I took it upon myself to break one of the number one fashion rules: Brown + Black. I did it. I wore brown AA leggings with a swooshy black ribbed cardigan by Artizan. I felt like breaking some rules today. I think I did it quite nicely, pairing it with nude t-strap heels from Aldo and a ruffled burgundy top from Dyamite. Also with a faux Burberry plaid headband. I enjoyed it =]
I went to go see The Spill Canvas concert on Saturday. It was beyond fabulous. If you havent heard of them, I suggest you check them out. Favourite songs include The Tide, All Hail The Heartbreaker, This is for Keeps, and Lusta Prima Vista. ALSOOOOO Nick performed a kick ass rendition of Self-Conclusion.
WOW I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance, I love this show. I wish I was half as good as these people. As far as fashion goes, I love almost all of Cat Deeley's dresses. I would kill for her legs. And Mia is looking killer sexy tonight. I also cannot wait to see Alex Wong and Twitch do a hip hop routine, mmmm baby.


Call me Crazy but...

No actually you can just call me crazy. Fuck all this writing to please ppl, I'm going to write what I feel right now at this moment. And at this moment I feel absolutely nuts. I felt all day a sort of impending doom, then at 3AM called my dad to pick me up from my friends house and bring me home cuz I was sad. I just felt so alone, and I guess I'd rather be alone with my cat and my stuffed animals. Maybe it was cuz moths flew in, maybe it was cuz my ankle hurt, maybe it's cuz I'm not quite over my attempted suicide of Sunday night. I try to brush stuff aside but I guess it can't be brushed. This empty feeling is stuck here. I hate falling asleep alone. I need someone awake with me for me to sleep well. If this is due to spoiling from Michael I don't know, but all I know now is that I can't cope. Insomnia isn't pretty, especially when it depresses me to extreme extents. I just want to be in his arms. Maybe I sound needy and clingy but wtf I am. So it goes. All I know is that everything feels like it's in a dark hole right now and I just need to chill. I am confining myself to my house until next Tuesday when I will emerge for a dance supper, until then I am here. I think that is best. I need to chill and relax and think.


Like Ducks.

So me being the animal lover that I am, I decided to pay a visit to the duckpond down my road today. I brought bread for the little duckies (yes, I know that bread isn't great for ducks, it's as healthy for ducks as junk food is for humans, but everyone deserves a treat once in awhile, yes?) So anyways, I started throwing little bits of bread to the ducks, and all the white ones waggled their little duck bums over, but the mallards and the spotted brown ones stayed where they were. I thought it was a little weird, but I continued feeding the hungry whiteys. When they were done feasting they started to swim back to their shady little spot under a tree. But much to their surprise the coloured ducks had claimed that are for their own. Enraged, the white ducks began flapping their wings and quacking loudly and swimming towards the coloured ducks angrily. The coloured ducks fled, quacking in fear. The white ducks then surrounded one little brown duck, splashing him and nipping his bum. The poor guy kept trying to fly back to his coloured comrades, but they were already halfway across the pond.
This continued for awhile, and finally peace was established with the two duck clans at opposite ends of the pond. I thought that this was quite an interesting happening, I assume that the clash was due to the fact that the white ducks were considerably bigger than the coloured ducks, and they were clearly bullies.

The fact that this is the most exciting part of my day is pretty sad. I need a life, yes? But I do like ducks. I would buy a duck as a pet if I could.


The Emptiness will Haunt you

Yo dawgs.
Left my laptop cord at the community center, so was laptop-less for a week. Pretty effing brutal. But I have it now so I am so flipping happy! I am currently sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine blogging. Could life get much better? ++ listening to Alesana <3
So yesterday I went DT to Underworld to see my friend Adam play a show. His band, A Hopeless Lie was super good. I enjoyed them mucho. Plus it gave me a reason to wear colourful skinny jeans, a hoodie, and crazy scene kid makeup, all things which I adore. I missed being part of the underworld / hardcore scene. Tee hee.
My fingers are almost healed. Which is great. I'll be able to do my driving test again =]
hopesfully it won't be as much of an epic fail. Meaning I'll pass. Fingers crossed.
Ughh I wanna cut my hair. I miss my bangs. And my blondeness. I have a feeling I'll give in and do some kook stuff to it. Stay tuned.


I'm Such a Hairy Guy

Hey kookerzzz!
Long time no blogger. I've decided to have a hair night tonight. I want to try out some hairstyles on my hair. I'm planning on trying a BIG hairstyle from the 80s, like really tease it and make it fab. I also want to do a bow made of hair on top of my head, a la Lady GaGa <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_THKdxSKOuAk/S-W5mNgtwcI/AAAAAAAAABo/knVVS299HV4/s1600/hello-kitty-lady-gaga.jpg">
We'll see how it goes, I'll take pictures and make a huge picture post after.
I went MAC crazy a few days ago, not gonna lie. I bought gorg bronzer, blush, and some lipstick and gloss. I achieved the perfect nude lip. I will post pics with that too. Photoshoot tonight? Definite possibility ;)
anyways i must go and teach kiddies :] peace moo cows.


This is Noise

Years and years since I've last posted. Or something like that. I have two days till my dance show. I am so excited/nervous. I want to do really well and be amazing and wow everyone and earn myself a spot in senior. One can only hope. If I don't get in, so it goes. I mean, Sharon knows what she's doing and she knows if I'm ready or not. And if I get in or not, I still love dancing and it will still be super fun.
So the other day (yesterday) I read on Perez Hilton's fashion blog, Coco Perez, that Taylor Momsen apparently told all her fans to stop dressing like her and to have their own style, that people were copying her hair, makeup etc. See Perez's story here. In my personal opinion, I think this is kinda self-centered and silly. I mean, the whole bleach blonde, eyeliner, edgy style is all part of Momsen's style from Gossip Girl, her character Jenny Humphrey dresses that way, so isn't Taylor gathering her inspiration from the character? I mean I hardcore dig all of Miss Jennifer's outfits in the show, but aren't there wardrobe people that give her those clothes? So it's not like Miss Momsen had these great, unique, and intense ideas for clothing all on her own either. She's kind of taking credit for a personal style that isn't really hers.

Those are some super hot pics of her badass look. But lest we forget her original Gossip Girl look, she doesn't seem to be taking any credit for that cutesy "Little J" attire...

Not that it's a bad look... Just a hell of a lot different. Don't ever forget your roots :]
Enough of my Gossip Girl obsession, for now.
You know you love me, xoxo, Beans


Leather-Studded Kiss

Bien la.
GaGa ♥. I am listening to her. Mmmm.
So yesterday I went to dance, and my lovely dance teacher Sharon got one of those multi-tying dresses. You know, the ones that you can tie like 25 different ways... Most popular ones are probably from American Apparel.. But anywaysss, that got me thinking, I don't have a plain jersey summer dress. When you're at a loss for what to wear cuz it's just to stinking hot, they are so handy. And if you get one that you can tie many different ways, you don't get bored too quickly. But, since they are so often just a plain colour, you need to do something to add a splash of colour. Or at least I do, because plain is not me. Whatsoever. Normally I would say pile on the accessories baby, but if you're wearing it cuz it's too hot, you wouldn't want three heavy necklaces on anyway. So I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I'm thinking of investing in some wooden beaded bracelets, or hemp braided bracelets, because they're not insanely hot. And crazy cool sunglasses obviously. It doesn't sound like much of an inspired outfit to me though, any ideas on how to spice it up that wouldn't make one fry? Summer fashion is difficult that way, I mean, there are many great pieces, but sometimes you're just too sweltering to make cute outfits, you'd rather throw on shorts, a tank top, and flip flops. I vow to try to not to fall into a fashion rut this summer.
Oh gish, at work today there was a mass rushcat and I felt as if like the Subway spirit overtook me, and I worked like a fool, making sandwiches like a pro. It was pretty intense. As far as Subway sandwiches go. Hehe.
I am having a date night tonight with my boyfriend, we are going to see movies and eat and love. I am excited, we haven't been on a non-bar, two-person date in a long time. I'm hoping to wear a very pretty ensemble as well. :]
I need to get a notebook or something beside my bed, I always think of interesting things to write at night, and I'm like, 'OH! I should blog about that!" But then the next day, the thoughts are gone, poof. So it goes. Point being, if I had a notebook I could write down said revelations.


Vintage Treasure

Oh yoginis unite.
We did this massive bullshit knee job in yoga today that consisted of rolling a wooden stick through our knee joints to "open them". It was horribly painful. And I have a bad knee to begin with. It started in a moshing accident. Oh Chiodos ♥ What can I say? Craigery tells me to beat the shit out of people and start a circle pit, I can only oblige happily. It resulted in a rather awks fall, which I did nothing to take care of for quite a few months. I got it checked out and I had tore my lateral meniscus, had some bone stabbed into my cartilage, and have something long name itis, which means I have water in my patella or some shit like that. So then I had to get physio and have my knee electrocuted twice a week but it was wicked expenseive so I was like peace i'll wear a brace when it hurts. And i take pills for it. But anyhoo it was not so pleasant in yoga today. Pleasant looks like peasant. I'm debating buying a chill peasant blouse soon, but i have a huge bum, so it might just make me look like a square. Flowy tops were not made for the curvy.
I'm really excited for what I'm wearing tonight, I'm going to take pics and post them, I have a feeling it'll look fab.
Now I must go work.


welcome to the working world.

Honk & squeak.
So today = yay, payday. Shitty thing is is that I lost 50$ of my pay due to income tax, super lamesauce. It's my money, and I want it now! Anyone catch the reference? Oh Jerry.
I asked to work more hours though, so at least I'll hopefully be making more cashcat soon. Blehhh. I feel screwed over by the government, lets start a riot!
My life seems like a sea of work, sleep, and working out at the moment. I am looking forward to this weekend when I will be actually going out and having a good time, I miss just chilling. Annies tmrw for Olga Ashley's Bday partay, and on Friday, after I work till 10:30PM I am heading to smo's for movies and boozing. Then Saturday is Ukrainian Easter, YAY! Good food, and great family, I cannot wait. Sunday we are celebrating normal Easter at our good family friends (Carole & Jim)'s house. They are super awesome so I am looking forward to that as well.
I went shopping DT on Sunday, with my buddy Jennifer, who I hadn't seen in awhile, so it was nice. I bought two gorgeous dresses from H&M (wonderful store). One is black with a floral print, has smocking across the chest, and falls out to my knees. It's cute. And the other is a layer cake extravaganza of leapord print halter top beautycat. It's amazing. I'm thinking of wearing to to Annies tmrw, with my garbage bag leggings (no they're not made of garbage bags, that's just what my goose calls them because they are latex and rather garbage material-ish), and cute flats and my turquoise AA cardigan. And big hair. Big hair is a must. And nude-ish lip gloss. I want to buy a totally nude creme lipstick, I think it could be interesting to have lips the same colour as my face. But I guess I won't be spending 50$ on that, DAMN YOU INCOME TAX. Yes, I am a bit bitter, can you tell?
My Boyfriend started work today, he is now a yard boy at Ace Hardware, he gets to do deliveries and such. It's a pretty chill jobcat. But he was complaining that he had to be there for 8AM, there are some days at Subway that you have to be here at 4:30AM. So no complaining please goosey :]
I've been having weird sleeping patterns lately, I keep waking up and having dry eyes (lame), and not being able to sleep for a bit. It's quite unappealing to me. The fact that I am still functioning in the day is due to my good old reliable buddy David's Organic Breakfast Tea. <3. Thank ford for tea.
I'm thinking of going and making myself a delicious subway flatbread sandwich right now, I am quite hungry.
Paaaaiiiice digz.



Und zo...
Here I am, blogging at subs, cuz my internet at home decided to be contrary and not work. So it goes. I just got back from yoga class. I quite enjoy yoga, but I always thought that 'open your third eye and float to the universe' crap was all, well, crap. After each class we 'om', but I never take part in that, but for some reason today, I had the urge to om along. It was a curious feeling, I kind of liked it, but I wouldn't say that all things inside me were properly aligned, etc. when I was doing it. It was just a neat vibration is all.
I have dance tonight, YIP! I do love dancing. That makes me feel great, more than om-ing anyway. It's less than a month till the show, I am so pumped!
I'm going to the sugar shack tomorrow, I'm excited, I love food and sugar and ponies! It's a lovely combination.
My laptop keeps randomly turning french, as in the keyboard. It's simple to switch back, but I am wondering if theres a hotkey of some sort. Anybody know? It's a Dell Inspiron...
My boyfriend bought me a lovely present yesterday. It consisted of two of those Cadbury goobie eggs that I LOVE, new eyeliner, and a wind-up chicken, it was absolutely great. The chicken was to die for, I named him Dudley, well, Michael did, because his beak is a bit off center and he walks crooked, so I said he was a dud. Hence the Dudley.
My friend Ben gave me a surprise phone call yesterday, singing the Filet o Fish jingle from McDonalds. I died of laughter. I love that song, it`s so catchy. I made my own filet o fish the other day. I made fishsticks, toasted bread, put tartar sauce on it, and processed cheese. It was surprisingly delicious.
I've decided I really need some new clothes. I want some black. But not just black, like devastatingly dramatic and gorgeous and intriguing black. Because I already own normal black. I want more glamour in my attire. Like Jenny from Gossip girl. She always looks amazing in black. Plus she's got the bleached blonde hair which I want so badly. One day, I'm going to go ahead and do it. Muahahahah. Maybe next year, when I'm in hair school.
Anyways I must go work, making sandwiches and such. Love and snugs!
xoxx, Beans


Five and Dime

Ouu la la!
How goes it? Besides the fact that it's Monday, and the weekend is over, wahhhh. There is actual snow on the ground, I am so disappointed. It was so gorgeous and lovely what with no more snow and blue skies. Now it is grey. Urgh. This crappy weather is not helping my cold either. I just want it to be summer please, I'm tired of these winter clothes, I want cute skirts and dresses and sandals! And pedicures :]
I have this absolutely disgusting and vile cold sore on my mouth. It is so revolting. I hate cold sores. And to top it off I've had it for more than a week. For serious. It keeps splitting open when I smile and eat and such. Plus I am a notorious scab picker. So it'll be here for awhile. It disturbs me. It looks like I'm rotting. Yuck. I've been putting abreva on it, and that junk has done shit all. As you can see, I am not pleased with the situation.
My eyebrows have also gotten rather unruly. My face is just not pretty at all lately. I lost my tweezers so now I'm erring on the lumberjack look. It's pretty rad. Not. I think I'll just give up on hair and stop shaving. I said that to my boyfriend yesterday, I said so I think I'm just going to let my leg hair and armpit hair grow out... And he was like DON'T DON'T DON'T! Haha. I couldn't go through with it anyway, I like to use my coconut body butter on my nice smooth legs. I can be quite girly at times.
I have work today, but it's a pretty randy jackson shift, from twelve to three. Theres almost no point in going. Besides mad cashcat of course. I cannot wait to get paid. It's pretty bad, but like, I like things. And I haven't had nice new things in awhile. New summer wardrobe? Yes please :] But all things fo realzzzz I want to save money for a car, and also for a trip. I want to go away soon. Like next winter or something. With my man :] or tour europe next summer, like not the one coming up, but the one after. I also want to visit my friend Emma in Wisconsin. Urghh have I said a million times before that I want an unlimited credit card that I never have to pay off?
Anyways, I'm off to loaf around the internet, until I have work. I might post again today due to my having to most likely wait at work for a pickup. I need a car, stat!
xoxxxxx, Beans!



Hallo internet!
So here we are, Sunday already, and it is snowing. So lame. I want it to be summer. I want to hit the beach and be a bronzed baby. Plus I have a head cold of sorts, so all in all my Sunday is not too nice.
All my variety show shenanigans went quite nicely. But being back in a high school was weird, I didn't like that part, even though it wasn't my high school. I don't know I just associate High School with drama bullshit which I am SO over.
I'm listening to the spill canvas, which makes me sing so loud like a fool, so I'm lucky that no one else is home. Or maybe it's them that's lucky. Lolz. I really wish I could sing. If a genie popped out of a bottle or something and gave me a wish, It would definitely be the ability to sing like a rockstar. Besides the fact that I can't sing, I'd defs be a kick ass rockstar. :]
Last night I watched this movie called Autopsy. It was on some list of gory movies that were too gory or scary to be released. It was pretty gross. And bloody, and gutsy. But the film itself was pretty lame. There were like 8 actors in total. But there were some funny parts with silly facial expressions. And it wasn't that scary, it was just pretty gross.
OH GUESS WHAT? I just found out that Lady GaGa is coming to montreal again, june 28th. I am so excited. I love her so much and I couldn't go back in january due to the fact that I was broke. BUT nows my chance to see GaGarific in person! She is far too fantastic for this world. Defs one of my style icons. I want bleach blonde hair, but I have eyebrows of the black variety, so I think it might look rather ridic. And it'll fry my hair, not that I care about that, it's hair, it grows back, am I right? :]
Anyways I am off to... I'm not really sure, but I'm sure I shall find some sort of sick person adventure.


Eat Fresh

So here we go, new blog, new life. Well, not new life, but I've decided to try out blogger as opposed to livejournal, mostly because my favourite blogger in the whole wide world 'Frassy' (www.befrassy.com), uses blogger. Yes, I am a copycat. I am currently at Subway, my place of work. I have to wait to be picked up so I decided this was as good a time as any to write my first post on this blog.
I'm not sure what I want the theme of this blog to be. I want to try to make it more fashion oriented, by posting outfit pictures like many fashion bloggers do. But I would also like to write about my opinions on various subjects, and write about my daily life. So I have a feeling this is going to be a bit helter skelter everywhere, but that's a bit like me, so it should be fun.
I have my second dance show tonight, I'm looking forward to it. I love being onstage, so naturally, I jump at any chance to perform. Plus I get to wear an awesome glittery tank top and a top hat, it is just too cute :]
As far as the upcoming weekend gores, I don't really have any concrete plans. I am happily off work till monday, so I get a break from early mornings and sandwiches. Not that my work is bad. I enjoy it, the people I work with are chill, and there's always something to keep me busy. The free diet coke is also a perk, hehe. I was a little nervous when I got this job, however. I had a fear that it was going to ruin Sybway for me and that I would find out that nothing was really fresh, it was all gross and dirty and nasty. But it's not! I get to make bread and cookies and cut veggies, proving that everything is made at the actual restaurant, and is the best 'fast food' you can get anywhere. Okay, enough promoting.
I can't wait to start making some real money, because, if I am going to be completely honest, I am a lover of stuff. I need to pay my parents back for a shit ton of stuff, but then I want a pretty car and gorgeous clothing.
Anyways I must now go and eat and such, peace home skillets and fellow internet cats :]