Pretty as a Car Crash

Haiiiiiii ppl!
So the other day somehow my boytoy and I got to watching videos about area 51. Area 51 is a government/military base that is super secretive and like if you trespass they are allowed to use deadly force to get you out of there. There is suspected Alien experimentation and U.F.O.'s are spotted there quite often. There was a case of an employee there who quit/ got fired and then decided to tell the world that they experiment on alien spacecraft.
Here's my take on the whole thing. Since it is a military base, it's actually an airforce base, they obviously don't want outsiders looking at it and knowing what's going on because they could give information to other countries, which would totally defeat the purpose of developing superior weapons / aircrafts. UFO means unidentified flying object, and if they are testing planes there, there are OBVIOUSLY going to be things flying about that people have never seen before. And that guy probably got fired and needed some quick cash and knew that he could get interviews and TV bookings if he made up some huge conspiracy.
That is my take on Area 51, in a nutshell.
Im going to apply for some jobs today, but it is effing hot out. I need some nice clothing of the appropriate but not sweltering variety. Good luck Beans. I have some nice shorts from buffalo that are tailored and professional looking, Im thinking of pairing it with my oversized white blouse/ dress shirt from H&M, but if I sweat that will look nasty. Oh dilemmas.
Anyways kiddies keep it real!

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