welcome to the working world.

Honk & squeak.
So today = yay, payday. Shitty thing is is that I lost 50$ of my pay due to income tax, super lamesauce. It's my money, and I want it now! Anyone catch the reference? Oh Jerry.
I asked to work more hours though, so at least I'll hopefully be making more cashcat soon. Blehhh. I feel screwed over by the government, lets start a riot!
My life seems like a sea of work, sleep, and working out at the moment. I am looking forward to this weekend when I will be actually going out and having a good time, I miss just chilling. Annies tmrw for Olga Ashley's Bday partay, and on Friday, after I work till 10:30PM I am heading to smo's for movies and boozing. Then Saturday is Ukrainian Easter, YAY! Good food, and great family, I cannot wait. Sunday we are celebrating normal Easter at our good family friends (Carole & Jim)'s house. They are super awesome so I am looking forward to that as well.
I went shopping DT on Sunday, with my buddy Jennifer, who I hadn't seen in awhile, so it was nice. I bought two gorgeous dresses from H&M (wonderful store). One is black with a floral print, has smocking across the chest, and falls out to my knees. It's cute. And the other is a layer cake extravaganza of leapord print halter top beautycat. It's amazing. I'm thinking of wearing to to Annies tmrw, with my garbage bag leggings (no they're not made of garbage bags, that's just what my goose calls them because they are latex and rather garbage material-ish), and cute flats and my turquoise AA cardigan. And big hair. Big hair is a must. And nude-ish lip gloss. I want to buy a totally nude creme lipstick, I think it could be interesting to have lips the same colour as my face. But I guess I won't be spending 50$ on that, DAMN YOU INCOME TAX. Yes, I am a bit bitter, can you tell?
My Boyfriend started work today, he is now a yard boy at Ace Hardware, he gets to do deliveries and such. It's a pretty chill jobcat. But he was complaining that he had to be there for 8AM, there are some days at Subway that you have to be here at 4:30AM. So no complaining please goosey :]
I've been having weird sleeping patterns lately, I keep waking up and having dry eyes (lame), and not being able to sleep for a bit. It's quite unappealing to me. The fact that I am still functioning in the day is due to my good old reliable buddy David's Organic Breakfast Tea. <3. Thank ford for tea.
I'm thinking of going and making myself a delicious subway flatbread sandwich right now, I am quite hungry.
Paaaaiiiice digz.



Und zo...
Here I am, blogging at subs, cuz my internet at home decided to be contrary and not work. So it goes. I just got back from yoga class. I quite enjoy yoga, but I always thought that 'open your third eye and float to the universe' crap was all, well, crap. After each class we 'om', but I never take part in that, but for some reason today, I had the urge to om along. It was a curious feeling, I kind of liked it, but I wouldn't say that all things inside me were properly aligned, etc. when I was doing it. It was just a neat vibration is all.
I have dance tonight, YIP! I do love dancing. That makes me feel great, more than om-ing anyway. It's less than a month till the show, I am so pumped!
I'm going to the sugar shack tomorrow, I'm excited, I love food and sugar and ponies! It's a lovely combination.
My laptop keeps randomly turning french, as in the keyboard. It's simple to switch back, but I am wondering if theres a hotkey of some sort. Anybody know? It's a Dell Inspiron...
My boyfriend bought me a lovely present yesterday. It consisted of two of those Cadbury goobie eggs that I LOVE, new eyeliner, and a wind-up chicken, it was absolutely great. The chicken was to die for, I named him Dudley, well, Michael did, because his beak is a bit off center and he walks crooked, so I said he was a dud. Hence the Dudley.
My friend Ben gave me a surprise phone call yesterday, singing the Filet o Fish jingle from McDonalds. I died of laughter. I love that song, it`s so catchy. I made my own filet o fish the other day. I made fishsticks, toasted bread, put tartar sauce on it, and processed cheese. It was surprisingly delicious.
I've decided I really need some new clothes. I want some black. But not just black, like devastatingly dramatic and gorgeous and intriguing black. Because I already own normal black. I want more glamour in my attire. Like Jenny from Gossip girl. She always looks amazing in black. Plus she's got the bleached blonde hair which I want so badly. One day, I'm going to go ahead and do it. Muahahahah. Maybe next year, when I'm in hair school.
Anyways I must go work, making sandwiches and such. Love and snugs!
xoxx, Beans


Five and Dime

Ouu la la!
How goes it? Besides the fact that it's Monday, and the weekend is over, wahhhh. There is actual snow on the ground, I am so disappointed. It was so gorgeous and lovely what with no more snow and blue skies. Now it is grey. Urgh. This crappy weather is not helping my cold either. I just want it to be summer please, I'm tired of these winter clothes, I want cute skirts and dresses and sandals! And pedicures :]
I have this absolutely disgusting and vile cold sore on my mouth. It is so revolting. I hate cold sores. And to top it off I've had it for more than a week. For serious. It keeps splitting open when I smile and eat and such. Plus I am a notorious scab picker. So it'll be here for awhile. It disturbs me. It looks like I'm rotting. Yuck. I've been putting abreva on it, and that junk has done shit all. As you can see, I am not pleased with the situation.
My eyebrows have also gotten rather unruly. My face is just not pretty at all lately. I lost my tweezers so now I'm erring on the lumberjack look. It's pretty rad. Not. I think I'll just give up on hair and stop shaving. I said that to my boyfriend yesterday, I said so I think I'm just going to let my leg hair and armpit hair grow out... And he was like DON'T DON'T DON'T! Haha. I couldn't go through with it anyway, I like to use my coconut body butter on my nice smooth legs. I can be quite girly at times.
I have work today, but it's a pretty randy jackson shift, from twelve to three. Theres almost no point in going. Besides mad cashcat of course. I cannot wait to get paid. It's pretty bad, but like, I like things. And I haven't had nice new things in awhile. New summer wardrobe? Yes please :] But all things fo realzzzz I want to save money for a car, and also for a trip. I want to go away soon. Like next winter or something. With my man :] or tour europe next summer, like not the one coming up, but the one after. I also want to visit my friend Emma in Wisconsin. Urghh have I said a million times before that I want an unlimited credit card that I never have to pay off?
Anyways, I'm off to loaf around the internet, until I have work. I might post again today due to my having to most likely wait at work for a pickup. I need a car, stat!
xoxxxxx, Beans!



Hallo internet!
So here we are, Sunday already, and it is snowing. So lame. I want it to be summer. I want to hit the beach and be a bronzed baby. Plus I have a head cold of sorts, so all in all my Sunday is not too nice.
All my variety show shenanigans went quite nicely. But being back in a high school was weird, I didn't like that part, even though it wasn't my high school. I don't know I just associate High School with drama bullshit which I am SO over.
I'm listening to the spill canvas, which makes me sing so loud like a fool, so I'm lucky that no one else is home. Or maybe it's them that's lucky. Lolz. I really wish I could sing. If a genie popped out of a bottle or something and gave me a wish, It would definitely be the ability to sing like a rockstar. Besides the fact that I can't sing, I'd defs be a kick ass rockstar. :]
Last night I watched this movie called Autopsy. It was on some list of gory movies that were too gory or scary to be released. It was pretty gross. And bloody, and gutsy. But the film itself was pretty lame. There were like 8 actors in total. But there were some funny parts with silly facial expressions. And it wasn't that scary, it was just pretty gross.
OH GUESS WHAT? I just found out that Lady GaGa is coming to montreal again, june 28th. I am so excited. I love her so much and I couldn't go back in january due to the fact that I was broke. BUT nows my chance to see GaGarific in person! She is far too fantastic for this world. Defs one of my style icons. I want bleach blonde hair, but I have eyebrows of the black variety, so I think it might look rather ridic. And it'll fry my hair, not that I care about that, it's hair, it grows back, am I right? :]
Anyways I am off to... I'm not really sure, but I'm sure I shall find some sort of sick person adventure.


Eat Fresh

So here we go, new blog, new life. Well, not new life, but I've decided to try out blogger as opposed to livejournal, mostly because my favourite blogger in the whole wide world 'Frassy' (www.befrassy.com), uses blogger. Yes, I am a copycat. I am currently at Subway, my place of work. I have to wait to be picked up so I decided this was as good a time as any to write my first post on this blog.
I'm not sure what I want the theme of this blog to be. I want to try to make it more fashion oriented, by posting outfit pictures like many fashion bloggers do. But I would also like to write about my opinions on various subjects, and write about my daily life. So I have a feeling this is going to be a bit helter skelter everywhere, but that's a bit like me, so it should be fun.
I have my second dance show tonight, I'm looking forward to it. I love being onstage, so naturally, I jump at any chance to perform. Plus I get to wear an awesome glittery tank top and a top hat, it is just too cute :]
As far as the upcoming weekend gores, I don't really have any concrete plans. I am happily off work till monday, so I get a break from early mornings and sandwiches. Not that my work is bad. I enjoy it, the people I work with are chill, and there's always something to keep me busy. The free diet coke is also a perk, hehe. I was a little nervous when I got this job, however. I had a fear that it was going to ruin Sybway for me and that I would find out that nothing was really fresh, it was all gross and dirty and nasty. But it's not! I get to make bread and cookies and cut veggies, proving that everything is made at the actual restaurant, and is the best 'fast food' you can get anywhere. Okay, enough promoting.
I can't wait to start making some real money, because, if I am going to be completely honest, I am a lover of stuff. I need to pay my parents back for a shit ton of stuff, but then I want a pretty car and gorgeous clothing.
Anyways I must now go and eat and such, peace home skillets and fellow internet cats :]