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Here I am, blogging at subs, cuz my internet at home decided to be contrary and not work. So it goes. I just got back from yoga class. I quite enjoy yoga, but I always thought that 'open your third eye and float to the universe' crap was all, well, crap. After each class we 'om', but I never take part in that, but for some reason today, I had the urge to om along. It was a curious feeling, I kind of liked it, but I wouldn't say that all things inside me were properly aligned, etc. when I was doing it. It was just a neat vibration is all.
I have dance tonight, YIP! I do love dancing. That makes me feel great, more than om-ing anyway. It's less than a month till the show, I am so pumped!
I'm going to the sugar shack tomorrow, I'm excited, I love food and sugar and ponies! It's a lovely combination.
My laptop keeps randomly turning french, as in the keyboard. It's simple to switch back, but I am wondering if theres a hotkey of some sort. Anybody know? It's a Dell Inspiron...
My boyfriend bought me a lovely present yesterday. It consisted of two of those Cadbury goobie eggs that I LOVE, new eyeliner, and a wind-up chicken, it was absolutely great. The chicken was to die for, I named him Dudley, well, Michael did, because his beak is a bit off center and he walks crooked, so I said he was a dud. Hence the Dudley.
My friend Ben gave me a surprise phone call yesterday, singing the Filet o Fish jingle from McDonalds. I died of laughter. I love that song, it`s so catchy. I made my own filet o fish the other day. I made fishsticks, toasted bread, put tartar sauce on it, and processed cheese. It was surprisingly delicious.
I've decided I really need some new clothes. I want some black. But not just black, like devastatingly dramatic and gorgeous and intriguing black. Because I already own normal black. I want more glamour in my attire. Like Jenny from Gossip girl. She always looks amazing in black. Plus she's got the bleached blonde hair which I want so badly. One day, I'm going to go ahead and do it. Muahahahah. Maybe next year, when I'm in hair school.
Anyways I must go work, making sandwiches and such. Love and snugs!
xoxx, Beans

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