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So here we go, new blog, new life. Well, not new life, but I've decided to try out blogger as opposed to livejournal, mostly because my favourite blogger in the whole wide world 'Frassy' (www.befrassy.com), uses blogger. Yes, I am a copycat. I am currently at Subway, my place of work. I have to wait to be picked up so I decided this was as good a time as any to write my first post on this blog.
I'm not sure what I want the theme of this blog to be. I want to try to make it more fashion oriented, by posting outfit pictures like many fashion bloggers do. But I would also like to write about my opinions on various subjects, and write about my daily life. So I have a feeling this is going to be a bit helter skelter everywhere, but that's a bit like me, so it should be fun.
I have my second dance show tonight, I'm looking forward to it. I love being onstage, so naturally, I jump at any chance to perform. Plus I get to wear an awesome glittery tank top and a top hat, it is just too cute :]
As far as the upcoming weekend gores, I don't really have any concrete plans. I am happily off work till monday, so I get a break from early mornings and sandwiches. Not that my work is bad. I enjoy it, the people I work with are chill, and there's always something to keep me busy. The free diet coke is also a perk, hehe. I was a little nervous when I got this job, however. I had a fear that it was going to ruin Sybway for me and that I would find out that nothing was really fresh, it was all gross and dirty and nasty. But it's not! I get to make bread and cookies and cut veggies, proving that everything is made at the actual restaurant, and is the best 'fast food' you can get anywhere. Okay, enough promoting.
I can't wait to start making some real money, because, if I am going to be completely honest, I am a lover of stuff. I need to pay my parents back for a shit ton of stuff, but then I want a pretty car and gorgeous clothing.
Anyways I must now go and eat and such, peace home skillets and fellow internet cats :]

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