Five and Dime

Ouu la la!
How goes it? Besides the fact that it's Monday, and the weekend is over, wahhhh. There is actual snow on the ground, I am so disappointed. It was so gorgeous and lovely what with no more snow and blue skies. Now it is grey. Urgh. This crappy weather is not helping my cold either. I just want it to be summer please, I'm tired of these winter clothes, I want cute skirts and dresses and sandals! And pedicures :]
I have this absolutely disgusting and vile cold sore on my mouth. It is so revolting. I hate cold sores. And to top it off I've had it for more than a week. For serious. It keeps splitting open when I smile and eat and such. Plus I am a notorious scab picker. So it'll be here for awhile. It disturbs me. It looks like I'm rotting. Yuck. I've been putting abreva on it, and that junk has done shit all. As you can see, I am not pleased with the situation.
My eyebrows have also gotten rather unruly. My face is just not pretty at all lately. I lost my tweezers so now I'm erring on the lumberjack look. It's pretty rad. Not. I think I'll just give up on hair and stop shaving. I said that to my boyfriend yesterday, I said so I think I'm just going to let my leg hair and armpit hair grow out... And he was like DON'T DON'T DON'T! Haha. I couldn't go through with it anyway, I like to use my coconut body butter on my nice smooth legs. I can be quite girly at times.
I have work today, but it's a pretty randy jackson shift, from twelve to three. Theres almost no point in going. Besides mad cashcat of course. I cannot wait to get paid. It's pretty bad, but like, I like things. And I haven't had nice new things in awhile. New summer wardrobe? Yes please :] But all things fo realzzzz I want to save money for a car, and also for a trip. I want to go away soon. Like next winter or something. With my man :] or tour europe next summer, like not the one coming up, but the one after. I also want to visit my friend Emma in Wisconsin. Urghh have I said a million times before that I want an unlimited credit card that I never have to pay off?
Anyways, I'm off to loaf around the internet, until I have work. I might post again today due to my having to most likely wait at work for a pickup. I need a car, stat!
xoxxxxx, Beans!

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