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So here we are, Sunday already, and it is snowing. So lame. I want it to be summer. I want to hit the beach and be a bronzed baby. Plus I have a head cold of sorts, so all in all my Sunday is not too nice.
All my variety show shenanigans went quite nicely. But being back in a high school was weird, I didn't like that part, even though it wasn't my high school. I don't know I just associate High School with drama bullshit which I am SO over.
I'm listening to the spill canvas, which makes me sing so loud like a fool, so I'm lucky that no one else is home. Or maybe it's them that's lucky. Lolz. I really wish I could sing. If a genie popped out of a bottle or something and gave me a wish, It would definitely be the ability to sing like a rockstar. Besides the fact that I can't sing, I'd defs be a kick ass rockstar. :]
Last night I watched this movie called Autopsy. It was on some list of gory movies that were too gory or scary to be released. It was pretty gross. And bloody, and gutsy. But the film itself was pretty lame. There were like 8 actors in total. But there were some funny parts with silly facial expressions. And it wasn't that scary, it was just pretty gross.
OH GUESS WHAT? I just found out that Lady GaGa is coming to montreal again, june 28th. I am so excited. I love her so much and I couldn't go back in january due to the fact that I was broke. BUT nows my chance to see GaGarific in person! She is far too fantastic for this world. Defs one of my style icons. I want bleach blonde hair, but I have eyebrows of the black variety, so I think it might look rather ridic. And it'll fry my hair, not that I care about that, it's hair, it grows back, am I right? :]
Anyways I am off to... I'm not really sure, but I'm sure I shall find some sort of sick person adventure.

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