welcome to the working world.

Honk & squeak.
So today = yay, payday. Shitty thing is is that I lost 50$ of my pay due to income tax, super lamesauce. It's my money, and I want it now! Anyone catch the reference? Oh Jerry.
I asked to work more hours though, so at least I'll hopefully be making more cashcat soon. Blehhh. I feel screwed over by the government, lets start a riot!
My life seems like a sea of work, sleep, and working out at the moment. I am looking forward to this weekend when I will be actually going out and having a good time, I miss just chilling. Annies tmrw for Olga Ashley's Bday partay, and on Friday, after I work till 10:30PM I am heading to smo's for movies and boozing. Then Saturday is Ukrainian Easter, YAY! Good food, and great family, I cannot wait. Sunday we are celebrating normal Easter at our good family friends (Carole & Jim)'s house. They are super awesome so I am looking forward to that as well.
I went shopping DT on Sunday, with my buddy Jennifer, who I hadn't seen in awhile, so it was nice. I bought two gorgeous dresses from H&M (wonderful store). One is black with a floral print, has smocking across the chest, and falls out to my knees. It's cute. And the other is a layer cake extravaganza of leapord print halter top beautycat. It's amazing. I'm thinking of wearing to to Annies tmrw, with my garbage bag leggings (no they're not made of garbage bags, that's just what my goose calls them because they are latex and rather garbage material-ish), and cute flats and my turquoise AA cardigan. And big hair. Big hair is a must. And nude-ish lip gloss. I want to buy a totally nude creme lipstick, I think it could be interesting to have lips the same colour as my face. But I guess I won't be spending 50$ on that, DAMN YOU INCOME TAX. Yes, I am a bit bitter, can you tell?
My Boyfriend started work today, he is now a yard boy at Ace Hardware, he gets to do deliveries and such. It's a pretty chill jobcat. But he was complaining that he had to be there for 8AM, there are some days at Subway that you have to be here at 4:30AM. So no complaining please goosey :]
I've been having weird sleeping patterns lately, I keep waking up and having dry eyes (lame), and not being able to sleep for a bit. It's quite unappealing to me. The fact that I am still functioning in the day is due to my good old reliable buddy David's Organic Breakfast Tea. <3. Thank ford for tea.
I'm thinking of going and making myself a delicious subway flatbread sandwich right now, I am quite hungry.
Paaaaiiiice digz.

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