Vintage Treasure

Oh yoginis unite.
We did this massive bullshit knee job in yoga today that consisted of rolling a wooden stick through our knee joints to "open them". It was horribly painful. And I have a bad knee to begin with. It started in a moshing accident. Oh Chiodos ♥ What can I say? Craigery tells me to beat the shit out of people and start a circle pit, I can only oblige happily. It resulted in a rather awks fall, which I did nothing to take care of for quite a few months. I got it checked out and I had tore my lateral meniscus, had some bone stabbed into my cartilage, and have something long name itis, which means I have water in my patella or some shit like that. So then I had to get physio and have my knee electrocuted twice a week but it was wicked expenseive so I was like peace i'll wear a brace when it hurts. And i take pills for it. But anyhoo it was not so pleasant in yoga today. Pleasant looks like peasant. I'm debating buying a chill peasant blouse soon, but i have a huge bum, so it might just make me look like a square. Flowy tops were not made for the curvy.
I'm really excited for what I'm wearing tonight, I'm going to take pics and post them, I have a feeling it'll look fab.
Now I must go work.

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