Leather-Studded Kiss

Bien la.
GaGa ♥. I am listening to her. Mmmm.
So yesterday I went to dance, and my lovely dance teacher Sharon got one of those multi-tying dresses. You know, the ones that you can tie like 25 different ways... Most popular ones are probably from American Apparel.. But anywaysss, that got me thinking, I don't have a plain jersey summer dress. When you're at a loss for what to wear cuz it's just to stinking hot, they are so handy. And if you get one that you can tie many different ways, you don't get bored too quickly. But, since they are so often just a plain colour, you need to do something to add a splash of colour. Or at least I do, because plain is not me. Whatsoever. Normally I would say pile on the accessories baby, but if you're wearing it cuz it's too hot, you wouldn't want three heavy necklaces on anyway. So I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I'm thinking of investing in some wooden beaded bracelets, or hemp braided bracelets, because they're not insanely hot. And crazy cool sunglasses obviously. It doesn't sound like much of an inspired outfit to me though, any ideas on how to spice it up that wouldn't make one fry? Summer fashion is difficult that way, I mean, there are many great pieces, but sometimes you're just too sweltering to make cute outfits, you'd rather throw on shorts, a tank top, and flip flops. I vow to try to not to fall into a fashion rut this summer.
Oh gish, at work today there was a mass rushcat and I felt as if like the Subway spirit overtook me, and I worked like a fool, making sandwiches like a pro. It was pretty intense. As far as Subway sandwiches go. Hehe.
I am having a date night tonight with my boyfriend, we are going to see movies and eat and love. I am excited, we haven't been on a non-bar, two-person date in a long time. I'm hoping to wear a very pretty ensemble as well. :]
I need to get a notebook or something beside my bed, I always think of interesting things to write at night, and I'm like, 'OH! I should blog about that!" But then the next day, the thoughts are gone, poof. So it goes. Point being, if I had a notebook I could write down said revelations.

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