Another Messy Ending

Long time no blogski.
I had my famjam reunioncat. It was fun. Got to see people I hadn't seen in a long time. There was also this girl who came who my Aunt sort of 'adopted' in Ukraine. Her name was Angela and she was pretty much AWESOME. She didn't speak English so I kind of taught her while she helped me with my Ukrainian. I can understand really well, but my speaking skills are lacking a bit. We managed though. She was quite adorable. She might be coming here for Xmas though, which would be great! We took some pictures, so when my Aunt sends them to me I'll be posting them, on Facebook at least.
I started school also. It's really fun and interesting. Made friends with a girl from the Gaspe Coast. Shes too cute, the expressions from there are amazing. Instead of saying really or real they say some. I've started doing it now too a bit hehe. Ex. You're some pretty. I love it haha.
I want harem pants. Really badly. Thought I'd share that. They look so comfortable, but you look rather fashion forward while wearing them. Im so down for a kick ass charcoal grey pair, or an indigo pair. Paired with a nice tank and lots of jewellery it would be gorgeous. I also need to invest in a gun metal cross. Im not really religious, but they look badass. I know, its probably a sin, but looking bad should be a sin too. Ohhh, I'm going straight to hell.
On a personal note, life is going a bit kook. Which is fun, but stressful a bit. I dont really want to divulge in personal details when I haven't real discussed this much in real life, but I hope it all ends up awesome and fun! :]
Anyways I am starving. Must go chow down. On cats. Jokes.
xoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DFTBA

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