What's Not to Adore?

Hallo internet.
And such.
So here's the deal. My friends came over the other day. And we planned our lives together. We are going to get a loft soon, that will be beautiful. We will bake cookies once a week. We will watch VHS films. There will be a kitchen, a balcony, a music nook, and a HUGE room of snug. We will eat baked mac and cheese, with breadcrumbs on top. We will have so much bitch it will be insane. We will only drink out of champagne flutes. Most of our shopping will be done at the dollar store. We haven't decided what kind of pet we will have. Perhaps some kitties. Or a hedgehog.

I think it will be jolly and lovely.
P.s. I got a new boyfrannnnnd. Hes cute. And plays gee-tar.

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