Laced With Nitro Glycerin

Oh em gee. So my famjam left for the cod of capes yesterday. Ahaah thats actually a really funny image, like a cod like a fish, wearing a cape? Yee. Lolz. So yeah I have the house to myself for two weeks, which is fun cuz I can cook and play music really loud, but it gets lonely as an elk. I hate sleeping knowing Im the only one in the house. Its weird. Like if I get up in the night I usually have to be mad quietzzz cuz my mother has the ears of a hawk... If hawks even have ears. Do birds have ears? Or just like little holes in the sides of their head? Must look into this. ANYWAYSSS I am mad distractable today apparently. But yeah, so I can be loud. At 4AM.
My buddyroo Killllll came over yday. We made eggs. AKA he did, and he tried to teach me. Im not very skilled with the chicken abortions. So it goes.
Im having people over tonight as well. I think these ten days are just going to be a huge massive sleepover. Huge massive is a redundancy, I know. Suck dick.
So my man candy is away in TO aka toronto. Sadly he cannot be invited to this slumber party. But when he gets back... hehe ;)
Im so loafy right now. I might need a nap. But I dont really have time. UGH.

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