Watch Me Burn

What a life.
What a lack of life.
What an overdose of life.
Rocking it for a week, experimenting trying to feel something real, or just feel. So many ways of doing it, but which one is wrong and which one is right? Does that really even matter? I don't want to hurt people but somehow I always end up doing just that. I give up on everything. Ditched school due to binges. And lack of interest. I mean, I love learning and I loved what I was doing, but I hate going to school. Figure that shizz out.
I met so many people and felt so many things. Saw how life could be, and I liked it. Then hated it.
Oh boy. So this superstar bud of mine Sam Fleury just informed me that he can play The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice on guitar and sing it. You don't understand. I love that song. That song is so beautiful. Plus I love live music. And I love Sam Fleury. This is an amazing moment. If you like good music p.s. you should totally check out his band, A Plastic Utopia, they're pretty awesome. I'm the biggest fan, duhh. For fuck sake. Yeesh. I'm like flipping out. Woof. Im going to see him do some solo action on Friday, and I'm pretty freaking excited. Him playing guitar is one of the sexiest things ever. I swoon. Mmmm. This is such a stalkerazzi blogpost.
Anycats I'll write later, keep it real and sexy.

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