Dying Is Your Latest Passion

Suicide Prevention Week.
Suicide Prevention Week.
Suicide Prevention Week.
I don't know. I always thought free will existed. If you don't want to live this life, then end it. It's your life. I'd much rather choose when I die, then let the world decide. It's the ultimate act of control to kill yourself. I think people that commit suicide might be more sane then the people who leave their life in the hands of unknown forces. Now, obviously, there are some kook people out there, but even so, why would you want to live if your head is all insane anyways? A life of pain isn't that great. Sure, you leave people who may love you behind, but you're going to die eventually. And you'll always live on in their memories. Why would people that love you want you to continue suffering? Suicide is looked on as such a bad thing, but really, it frees a lot of people from their pain. It's selfish to want people who are suffering to keep on living for oyu, so you can feel better about yourself, that you 'helped' them. I know there are lots of people that attempt suicide and then get 'saved', but face it, if you REALLY want to die, you will. Those people are just desperate for some loving. It happens. Those are the people that need help, the ones that 'try' to die. If you wanted to die, you could easily do it properly.
Now I'm not telling everybody to go kill themselves. There are so many great aspects of life to appreciate and enjoy, if you feel like shit, then think about the future, there is usually something worth living for, someone worth living for.
There is a lot of controversy surrounding human euthanasia, like if someone is sick and dying of cancer or some other terrible disease in a slow and painful way, many argue that it is acceptable to let them choose to die, since their life is full of physical pain. What if you're someone who has depression? Your life is just as full of pain, but then, it's not acceptable to die. Society has such double standards. It drives me crazy.

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