Where They Go Hardcore & There's Glitter On The Floor

So I had a crappy weekend last week, and this one seems to be better already. I'm moving past all that stupid shizz, and I got a new job, AKA money for parties and tats and loving. I went to Annies last night, and it was lovely and such. Dramarama fest, but fuck it, it all seems so much shittier when one is inebriated. Everything is lovely here. Now, due to privacy and such I will not go into deets, but we'll just say that I had a GREAT evening. I love meeting new people, especially when theyre so gorgeous :3
P.S. new job is at Bellevue Pizza, come say hi! Hehe. It's chill, the people are nice and it's a good job. Plus free food, AKA Im going to grow to the size of a house soon.
It is a beautiful day out, I spent some lovely time laying in the grasscat with Kill and Smokey. The sun is shining the sky is blue and there is a wonderful breeze. I love wind, it's my favourite weather!
Panto also starts tmrw, I CANNOT wait. Teen chorus FTW. And such. And four days till dance starts! <3 La La La! What a wonderful life :]
SO I must be off to go get ready for works and such, DFTBA!

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