Like Ducks.

So me being the animal lover that I am, I decided to pay a visit to the duckpond down my road today. I brought bread for the little duckies (yes, I know that bread isn't great for ducks, it's as healthy for ducks as junk food is for humans, but everyone deserves a treat once in awhile, yes?) So anyways, I started throwing little bits of bread to the ducks, and all the white ones waggled their little duck bums over, but the mallards and the spotted brown ones stayed where they were. I thought it was a little weird, but I continued feeding the hungry whiteys. When they were done feasting they started to swim back to their shady little spot under a tree. But much to their surprise the coloured ducks had claimed that are for their own. Enraged, the white ducks began flapping their wings and quacking loudly and swimming towards the coloured ducks angrily. The coloured ducks fled, quacking in fear. The white ducks then surrounded one little brown duck, splashing him and nipping his bum. The poor guy kept trying to fly back to his coloured comrades, but they were already halfway across the pond.
This continued for awhile, and finally peace was established with the two duck clans at opposite ends of the pond. I thought that this was quite an interesting happening, I assume that the clash was due to the fact that the white ducks were considerably bigger than the coloured ducks, and they were clearly bullies.

The fact that this is the most exciting part of my day is pretty sad. I need a life, yes? But I do like ducks. I would buy a duck as a pet if I could.

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