The Emptiness will Haunt you

Yo dawgs.
Left my laptop cord at the community center, so was laptop-less for a week. Pretty effing brutal. But I have it now so I am so flipping happy! I am currently sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine blogging. Could life get much better? ++ listening to Alesana <3
So yesterday I went DT to Underworld to see my friend Adam play a show. His band, A Hopeless Lie was super good. I enjoyed them mucho. Plus it gave me a reason to wear colourful skinny jeans, a hoodie, and crazy scene kid makeup, all things which I adore. I missed being part of the underworld / hardcore scene. Tee hee.
My fingers are almost healed. Which is great. I'll be able to do my driving test again =]
hopesfully it won't be as much of an epic fail. Meaning I'll pass. Fingers crossed.
Ughh I wanna cut my hair. I miss my bangs. And my blondeness. I have a feeling I'll give in and do some kook stuff to it. Stay tuned.

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  1. I need to do some kook things to my hair again, too. I'm out of school, which means summer camp counselor job, and not having to look professional. I cut my bangs the other day, because they were down to the tip of my nose. I need to put streaks in it or something.